About Us

Farrington Development had been serving clients of all types since 1995 providing the latest technology along with marketing efforts to bring the results our clients expect. Whether you are a startup or existing web site looking to take your business to the next level we can do everything in house from start to finish including hosting, development, marketing, and ongoing support. Get started today by contacting us for a free no obligation consultation.

Carl Farrington - CEO


We began our journey in the BBS (Bulletin Board System) industry creating systems for various government agencies around the country to take advantage of this new communications technology.


We migrated from the BBS industry and formed Primeline Internet Services, Inc. and become the leading ISP in Western North Carolina serving thousands of customers with internet access where otherwise there would be none as we are in a rural area. After a successful run we sold to Earthlink and moved into web development and consulting.


Farrington Development was formed bringing my experience from the ISP business into a full service web development company that handles all aspects of a project from start to finish in one place. For the last 18 years we have built and serviced client from around the world.