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In an effort to ensure that your project goes smoothly and nothing falls through the cracks it is important to establish your communications and collaborations protocol before your project begins. For smaller projects when I am only communicating with one person from the client side an email thread in most cases is sufficient accompanied by skype for screen sharing.

For more complex projects I create for the client a social intranet that will allow up to 12 users to be involved with the process keeping track of tasks and milestones as well as giving both parties a snapshot at any given time where the project stands.I highly recommend setting up a free account at . Not only is it free, after your project is complete you can continue to use the system for your own business. During the course of your development cycle you have the advantage of learning and implementing a total solution for runing your business in a manner that most clients are not accustomed to and again it is absolutely free! Here is a good video for your review