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Since most of the potential clients that come to me are not usually web developers themselves I thought I would take the time to share in this blog why professional templates are usually a good option when building a site based on a content management system.

The first and foremost is the cost factor. To create a template that is custom coded to work on top of a CMS would probably cost a client between $2500 and $5000 which is a typical total budget for a project. By taking a professional template and making modifications to make it unique saves the client a substantial amount of money which they will find can be used for better purposes like getting the traffic and rankings they need to meet their objectives.

Most of the major template and theme developers keep up with the latest technologies so in most cases you can benefit dramatically. For example, responsive layouts are a good way to give clients the ability to include the mobile market where otherwise they would spend in some cases more on a mobile application for both of the major OS's, Apple IOS and the Android.

Another major benefit is that most of the template developers have accompanying extensions that give the clients new site a great interface as far as slideshows, tab modules, and many others just to name a few. Since almost 40% of all websites are built on top of a CMS's it becomes clear that professional templates and themes are a great option by giving the client a look and feel that gives the clients site a great first impression which goes a long way in building consumer confidence.

In my next article I will do a custom coded vs content management systems which will go further into details on how they benefit the potential client. I hope you find this small article insightful and as always I am always looking for ways to ensure the client has the best chance of succeeding on their projects, and this is just one great way of doing just that.

Here are a few sites that produce high quality templates for most of the major content management systems: