Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Will you sign a non-disclosure?

Yes, we are absolutely willing to sign a mutual non disclosure. We can use our version or we can sign your version. We take NDAs very seriously and respect the privacy and confidentiality of your intellectual property. We want you to have complete confidence that your proprietary information will only be used for the benefit of your own project.

Q: What are your typical costs?

Before a quote is given we will gather all of the information we need to create a scope of work and review it with you. After this process we will give you an accurate quote. Our projects average aroun 2500 and can go to 10,000 and above. On some occassions we may offer a reduced rate where we partner with a client.

Q: What is your development process?

Our first and most important step is to create a scope of work for both the client and developer to review and approve. Once complete a quote is given and once approved we schedule your project.Depending on our client load we can usually get your project off the ground within ten days and complted within thirty. This is a typical scneario and other projects may vary.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 45 day warranty should we find any bugs or uncaught items during the development process. There is no cost associated with fixing or correcting your project during this time.

Q: Are you available for additional support or training once project is complete?

We include training time in all of our projects should the owner want to learn to operate or have a designated person be trained. Should additional training or support be needed we have training and support packages available.

Q: Who owns the code once project is complete?

Once the project has been completed and paid for you are the owner of your completed project.